Starbucks transforms the coffee experience
Starbucks transforms the coffee experience

Starbucks wants to change the way you start your day, and get you from your current location to where you start drinking coffee.

According to a Bloomberg report, customers can now track their coffee, their producers, and, for the first time, know where their coffee beans end up.

Michelle Burns (Michelle Burns), vice president of the company, said that customers who buy coffee at Starbucks stores in the US can use the codes on the bags to find out the source of the coffee beans. Where to roast them and get expert advice. Brewing recommendations.

Reverse codes are provided to farmers so that they can finally track their production.

Microsoft invented this blockchain-based technology to bring customers closer to their favorite products.

After 2018 beta testing, a 2019 contributor survey, and research reports from Conservation International, customers can now access Starbucks Digital Traceability to learn more about the people and places where coffee was made in a country that has lasted 30 years.

After accessing the Starbucks digital tracking site with a laptop, customers can scan or enter a number on the back of each bag of coffee beans.

The web app introduces them to the world in which they grow coffee, introduces them to coffee farmers and enables them to meet roasters.

The tool is supported by Microsoft Services (Azure), so customers can:
  • Learn more about Starbucks' approach to responsible coffee.
  • Find out where each coffee bag comes from and get to know the coffee producers in the area.
  • Learn where and how to roast coffee and understand the roasting business.
  • Read tasting reviews, brewing suggestions, and ideas from partner stores.
Starbucks' digital tracking capability can track the movement of coffee and convert it from coffee beans to prepackaged bags.

According to Abigail Crohn, the tracking officer for the Starbucks Global Coffee Team, growing coffee, particularly to achieve the quality and precision required by Starbucks' sourcing standards, is no easy task. . It's really amazing to share the stories of coffee growers who achieved this goal. Enthusiastically, he helped develop the tool.

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