Launch of the Nreal Light Mixed Reality headset
Launch of the Nreal Light Mixed Reality headset

With the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 mobile phone, Nreal launched a new type of mixed reality glasses called (Nreal Light) in South Korea.

LG Uplus is expected to sell the glasses as a standalone device, at around $ 586. However, it sells with data bundles (Galaxy Note 20) or (LG Velvet) and (5G) at around $ 58,295.

Initial orders will start on August 11th and mixed reality glasses will be available in stores on August 21. The company will launch it in other markets before the end of this year.

After successfully responding to Magic Leap's theft of trade secrets, Nreal has managed to bring mixed reality glasses to the mainstream market.

(Nreal Light) - also known as (U + Real Glass) - is a lightweight, sunglasses-like glasses connected to a separate computer - in this case, the Galaxy Note 20.

The glasses use spatial tracking and projected images to cover practical applications, and the company uses them as a more spacious alternative to smartphones for watching videos, playing games or reading websites.

The company has promised that the glasses will support the Chrome browser as well as Facebook and Instagram applications upon release.

The consumer version comes with a set of nose clips that suit different faces. It also includes corrective lenses and a black VR lens hood that can block your view of the outside world and provide a clearer image.

Nreal has already sold an upgraded version for $ 1,199 that includes a joystick and its own microcomputer.

The consumer version of the glasses uses a phone-based control system, and Nreal has announced that there will be manual eye tracking at some point.

After rival Magic Leap recently switched to enterprise mixed reality, Nreal is one of the few companies still trying to sell smart glasses to consumers.

Google has acquired startup North and recently discontinued support for (North) home glasses that were introduced in 2019.

Augmented reality company (Tilt Five) always seems to be getting ready to bring out 3D glasses, but it's specifically designed for board games.

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