Tik Tok starts allocating money to creators
Tik Tok starts allocating money to creators

TikTok announced that the first wave of content creators will receive funding from the New Creators Fund, a $ 200 million project that pays celebrities for its content.

There are 19 content creators who include David Dobrik, Brittany Tomlinson, Chien Jazz Wise, Judge Alexander, Michael Law, Marisa Raine and Ross Smith. Rose Smith).

Although many of the recipients are from entertainment circles, including two popular YouTube content creators, David Dobrik and Ross Smith, many of the selected content creators lack media experience but have managed to gain a genuine following for the app.

According to a new post from TikTok, emergency doctors (Dr. Fayez) have gained more than 500,000 subscribers to the app since TikTok was founded in 2019. This is known to mask a common healthcare misunderstanding. In the process, his fans learned something about his everyday life. Like a doctor.

Meanwhile, entrepreneur Matt Gresia uses the app to teach business skills to more than 13 million subscribers.

TikTok first announced $ 200 million in funding in late July. A spokesperson for the plan said the plan is a way to help budding developers find ways to make a living through the app. .

It's unclear how many times or how much a creator will pay each time, but a spokesperson said at the time: This is an ongoing payment system.

To be eligible, the creator must be at least 18 years old, have 10,000 subscribers, have viewed at least 10,000 videos in the last 30 days, and have posted original content that does not violate the rules. Business community.

In contrast, YouTube content creation program enables users to monetize their content through ads. To do this, the creator must have more than 1000 subscribers and generate more than 4000 hours of watch time. In the past 12 months. .

TikTok aims to increase funding from $ 200 million to $ 1 billion over the next three years.

Fund terms and conditions currently apply to authors in the United States of America. However, the app hopes to generate more funds worldwide in the future.

The fund is at an important strategic time for implementation. With President Trump's app facing an executive order ban, efforts to boost US creators could improve TikTok's image. In the ongoing conflict with the United States government.

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