Mi 10 Ultra has the best DxOMark camera ever
Mi 10 Ultra has the best DxOMark camera ever

Xiaomi released its latest Mi 10 Ultra phone on Tuesday, which offers powerful specs especially when it comes to cameras, making it number 1 in the DxOMark Index.

The mobile phone (Mi 10 Ultra) scored 130 points in the DxOMark index (the most popular image quality test among digital cameras and smartphones) and also surpassed Huawei (P40) the number one player since March. Pro) P40 Pro. Before the Xiaomi phone was launched, there were a total of 128 points.

Cell phones tested by DxOMark must go through several tests before being added to the index, including testing of front and rear cameras, still photos and videos, and testing other content such as wide-angle photography and camera features.

According to reports, the 130 points that a mobile phone gets includes only the back camera, not the front camera. There is more detail about capturing photos and videos, as well as image capture elements such as exposure, color, auto focus, texture, noise, zoom, effects (bokeh) and wide photography effects, as the phone scored 142 points. In addition to the stabilization function, the phone also scored 106 points for testing video recording.

The front camera function cannot qualify for inclusion in the top ten of the DxOMark Index, as the Huawei mobile phone (P40 Pro) still ranks first, with a difference of 103 points. It is followed by the Huawei mobile phone (Nova 6 5G) nova 6.5G, as well as Samsung mobile phones (Galaxy S20 Ultra), then Samsung mobile phones (Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G) Galaxy Note 10+ 5G.

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