Microsoft discontinued testing the xCloud gaming platform on iOS
Microsoft discontinued testing the xCloud gaming platform on iOS

Microsoft has stopped testing the gaming platform (xCloud) for iOS, as the software giant has tested iOS systems to a very limited extent (xCloud) in recent months.

The xCloud project allows users to play Xbox games anywhere on the radio with a high-speed internet connection.

The company clarified earlier this week that the service will only start for Android, and Microsoft notified testers (xCloud) that the preview will end on September 11, but that the Android preview will continue until next month.

A Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement: The preview period of the TestFlight development platform in iOS (Project xCloud) has ended, and we are committed to providing cloud games for Android customers. From September 15th (Xbox part of Game Pass Ultimate).

He added, "Our goal is to expand the range of cloud games using (Xbox Game Pass), which is available on all devices."

Microsoft's endeavor to launch a cloud gaming platform in (iOS) faces some obstacles and is not limited to initial testing configuration only. Due to adherence to App Store guidelines in 10,000 labs, the company must challenge game tests (Halo: Master Chief's Group).

Microsoft hasn't revealed Apple's (xCloud) blocking running on iOS, but Google's Game Streaming Service (Stadia) is also unavailable. On iPhone or iPad devices.

Other game streaming apps are also having problems with the Apple app store. Although he was mainly playing games from a PC, it took him nearly a year between (Valve) (Steam Link) and (Apple). .

The future of xCloud in iOS is still unclear, and perhaps far away. The issue appears to be related to Apple laws regarding in-app purchases through the App Store.

Apple has strict restrictions on remote desktop clients. This means that applications can only communicate with the user's hosts or user's gaming platforms. The hosts and the client must also be connected over the local network.

While Microsoft can manage App Store policies for in-app purchases, Remote Desktop Client policies can be the biggest hurdle.

When Apple tries to advertise its iPhone and iPad devices as gaming devices through (Apple Arcade), these restrictions on the App Store will affect users.

Microsoft has also worked with Samsung to provide a special version of the Xbox Game Pass app that players can use to redeem codes and make in-app purchases from the Xbox Store.

Microsoft plans to release its cloud gaming platform (xCloud) on September 15th as part of (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate). The service is only available for Android devices at the time of publication. However, Microsoft is also developing PC apps for Windows 10 while the device is streaming Xbox games.

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