Instagram disables related tags
Instagram disables related tags

Facebook's Instagram platform suspended its tagging function after it caused a bug that restricted the functionality and selected certain phrases on the platform.

For at least two months, this feature has been aligning users' algorithms with relevant content, treating tags associated with the president (Donald Trump) in a completely different way, and questioning the Democratic presidential candidate (Joe Biden). .

The Biden search will reveal many of the pro-Trump posts, while the search for topics related to Trump will reveal the hashtags you want.

This means that searching for signs related to Biden will result in counter-reports, while not looking for signs related to Trump.

Related tags will not appear in thousands of affected tabs. This can limit the information available to any user who clicks on the page because this information is either displayed in the image or video title or is being searched for by. .

There was a problem after a TTP (Technical Transparency Project) report scanned in BuzzFeed News found that the error was related to Trump's sign rather than to naming Joe Biden.

With multiple related abusive signs, this difference raised concerns that Instagram is biased in favor of Trump.

Instagram claimed this was a bug and the company discontinued the feature, which has been available in its current form since 2018, after BuzzFeed News alerted the platform to the problem.

Instagram challenges any partisan political tendency. A spokesperson for the platform said: Technical errors prevented thousands of related hashtags from being displayed. We closed this post during our investigation.

The company also said that while Biden League Legend Day is not affected by democracy, the imbalance is affected.

Instagram did not explain the source of the error, nor did it explain why it was limited to certain hashtags and not others, and it is not clear how long the error lasted on the platform.

The hashtag commonly used in Instagram posts allows users to split posts into easy-to-find or follow-up categories as if they were registered on the platform.

The difference in the way presidential candidates are treated raised further questions about Instagram and parent company Facebook's readiness to vote in the crucial US presidential election in November.

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