Microsoft faces complex technical challenges with its acquisition of TikTok
Microsoft faces complex technical challenges with its acquisition of TikTok

Reuters reported on Monday that Microsoft's attempt to withdraw a portion of TikTok from its Chinese owner ByteDance would be a technically complicated endeavor, making the administration of President (Donald Trump) a moment of patience to do so. To test.

Trump gave Microsoft plans until September 15 to plan an acquisition to protect Americans' personal information stored in the short video app, and he issued an order if no agreement was reached by then, then stopped it.

Reuters reported on August 2 that Microsoft was negotiating a transition period that would give it time to technically agree to cut TikTok off (ByteDance). Some sources say the smooth split planned by Trump and lawmakers could last a year or more.

A person familiar with the matter said: Tik Tok is similar in functionality and technology to Douyin from ByteDance, which is only sold in China and shares the tech resources and other features of ByteDance.

The source said: Although the application code that defines TikTok's appearance has been separated from Douyin, the server code is still partially subscribed to other products (ByteDance). The server code provides the basic functions of the application, such as: data storage, algorithms for reviewing and recommending content, and managing user profiles.

Ryan Spears, a network security expert at River Loop Security, said Microsoft may need to rely on byteDance to ensure TikTok services are uninterrupted while reviewing, improving, and migrating code to the new back-end infrastructure. Providing services to users. The services provided include the following: Cyber ​​security due diligence for transactions.

Another challenge Microsoft faces is providing what's known as a "secret TikTok hybrid engine," which is a recommendation engine that keeps users on screen. The engine or algorithm runs a "For You" page on TikTok which recommends watching the following video based on an analysis of user behavior.

According to two people familiar with the topic, the recommendation algorithm used by TikTok is independent of Douyin. However, what makes it unique is the content and user information that has been entered into the algorithm.

Microsoft is aiming to strike a deal to take over all of TikTok's operations around the world, according to a report published by the Financial Times on Thursday, which identified five sources familiar with the negotiations.

Microsoft said it is trying to buy TikTok assets in North America, Australia and New Zealand. She didn't reveal how much she was willing to pay, though a source told Reuters: (ByteDance) executives estimated TikTok over $ 50 billion.

The company is considering adding India and Europe to the deal, according to a report in the Financial Times. The newspaper quoted a source in India (ByteDance) who claimed that he had concluded an "unresolved deal" with Microsoft (TikTok India), but it failed.

Trump said last week that he intends to block the TikTok app for fear that his Chinese property could pose a national security risk due to the processing of personal data.

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