Russia imposes a third fine on Google for not hiding blocked content
Russia imposes a third fine on Google for not hiding blocked content

(Sputnik) learned today (Monday) that the Moscow District Court has fined Google 1.5 million rubles ($ 20,000) for its persistent refusal to conceal the ban on Russian websites on search results.

According to the Russian News Agency, the court said: "The court imposed a fine of 1.5 million rubles, and the decision entered into force.

The Tagansky Court in Moscow filed Article 2.1 of the "Russian Administrative Crimes Law" against Google against the company for repeatedly violating the rules and forcing it to stop publishing information about resources banned by Russia at the request of users.

It should be noted that the third fine imposed on Google is the same as the two previous fines on Google: the first is 500 thousand rubles and the second is 700 thousand rupees, for failing to address the registrar of information sources banned by Russia. Search engine results are not filtered accordingly.

In November of last year, Google increased the extent of filtering search results to 80%. However, the Russian authorities have warned against continuing to impose fines until the banned content is 100% removed. .

Last September, Google and Facebook rejected Russia's allegations against Russia, accusing it of allowing political propaganda in local elections at the time despite a demand that such propaganda be banned.

Google said at the time: It supports political advertising that is responsible under local laws and said in a statement, "We support responsible political advertising and hope that it adheres to the requirements of local law. Including elections, voting rights, etc."

The Russian Communications Administration (Roskomnadzor) said: Google and Facebook allow political advertising during the election period, adding that it can be seen as a disturbance. Facebook said at the time that the responsibility for compliance with local election laws rests with the advertisers, not the companies.

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