Microsoft is developing a new Surface laptop
Microsoft is developing a new Surface laptop

Microsoft plans to bring out a mid-sized Surface laptop with a 12.5-inch screen similar to the Surface Go later this year.

According to informed sources, this means low prices and targeted student targeting as the software giant has already hit the ground running on the Surface Go tablet with a starting price of $ 399.

The company appears to be hoping to capitalize on this success by adding another, similarly priced surface in the form of a laptop.

The new device is intended to bridge the price gap between (Surface Go) and (Surface Pro), starting at $ 399 and $ 749, respectively, as the next device is expected to be between $ 500 and $ 600. US Dollars $.

The laptop uses a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage.

Like Surface devices, Microsoft can provide RAM and storage updates.

The new computer is running Windows 10 in (S) mode. This means that apps can only be installed from Microsoft Store and Edge for safe browsing.

This new device is expected to attract students and the public with advanced safety, robust performance and low price.

According to the source, the device has a codename (Sparti) and looks like an updated device (Surface).

This, in turn, means that Microsoft has not given up on anything about build quality and ease of use, and ease and portability cannot be ignored.

Microsoft plans to sell the device under the codename (Sparti) as a (Surface-Laptop), but at an affordable price as is currently the case for marketing (Surface Go) with (Surface Pro).

(Sparti) will hit the market when people spend less money due to pandemics and the new mid-range Surface devices cannot be more suitable.

Sparti will also be Microsoft's answer to Google Pixelbook Go.

Recent reports indicate that the new Surface Notebook will be released in October along with other Surface products.

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