Tech companies lost billions of dollars in three days
Tech companies lost billions of dollars in three days

The six big tech companies have lost more than $ 1 trillion in the past three days, but in reality this is just a drop in the big profits that peaked last week.

Apple's market value was $ 2 trillion on August 19, down from about $ 325 billion during that period.

Microsoft shares fell $ 219 billion, Amazon shares fell $ 191 billion, and Facebook $ 89 billion.

Alphabet Inc, Google's parent company, is down $ 135 billion.

Shares of electric car maker Tesla tumbled 21 percent on Tuesday. It was the worst one-day drop in history after ignoring the S&P 500 (valued at $ 109 billion for the past three days). .

Jared Weisfeld, an analyst at Investment Banking Services (Jefferies), said if we take into account Apple's total loss in value over the past three days, it would be about $ 325 billion.

"To understand this better, this aligns with Apple's planned revenue for the upcoming calendar year."

While the $ 1 trillion amount is huge, it's noteworthy given the rapid development of tech companies this year.

At the beginning of 2020, the market value of the six largest technology companies was around $ 5,000 billion, and the market value of these companies peaked at $ 8.2 trillion on Wednesday, September 2.

After these companies lost a trillion dollars in their market value, their total market value is around $ 7.1 trillion.

Despite heavy losses in recent days, the market value of these six companies has increased by $ 2.1 trillion since the start of the year despite the coronavirus epidemic and unemployment in the states. -united.

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