Microsoft supports Epic games against Apple
Microsoft supports Epic games against Apple

As Epic Games claimed in a recent lawsuit, Apple is responding to the Fortnite lawsuit that threatens the entire game developer ecosystem.

This installment is intended to support (iOS) Game Engine (Unreal), and Apple threatens to cancel the game engine as part of the loss of wider developer rights (Epic Games).

The Fortnite developer asked the court to prevent Apple from revoking access during the trial. Apple responded to this request, confirming that it adopts the previously mentioned policy, but has not denied it. (IOS) The media is at risk.

(Epic Games) said: Removing subsidies would be an unnecessary punishment and would affect developers who rely on engines to create games that have nothing to do with the problem.

The filing indicated that expanding the scope of retaliation against Apple itself is an illegal effort to preserve the monopoly and reassure any action taken by others who dare to oppose Apple.

This registration is a new announcement of support from Microsoft (Epic Games) confirming the catastrophic denial of the right to use Apple's development tools.

Once access is revoked, any developer using the engine will not be able to fix the vulnerability, which will end support for various games, including Microsoft's Forza Street.

Kevin Gammill, managing director of Xbox Game Developer Experience, said if Epic Games' access to the Apple SDK and other developer tools is denied, Epic Games will not be able to support Unreal Game Engine on iOS. (MacOS), to the detriment of the game engine and the game makers who rely on it to make games.

"If the Unreal Engine cannot support games in the operating system (iOS) or (macOS) in preparation for game development, then Microsoft to existing and potential customers (iOS) and (macOS) or choose other engine games. New."

Gammell stated that Microsoft has an enterprise-level license to use the Unreal Engine and that Apple's move is holding back the creation of games with technologies that run on the Mac and iPhone.

(Epic Games) is filing a court order to prevent Apple from terminating its Apple developer account. If the company re-submits a Fortnite edition that complies with its payment rules, it will reverse its decision.

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