Twitter gives disclaimer of President Trump's tweet
Twitter gives disclaimer of President Trump's tweet

Twitter ranked President Trump's questions about the use of mailboxes in the November election.

The platform issued a disclaimer and a tweet criticizing Democrats for promoting the use of email as a voting option for voters.

The president claimed that without citing evidence, these funds allow anyone to vote multiple times, which is a security disaster for voters, and that COVID-19 has not yet been resolved.

The social media platform posted a poster on the tweet stating that the tweet violated Twitter's nationality and electoral integrity laws.

However, Twitter believes it may be in the public interest to facilitate access to the Tweets. There is a link to learn more about the Twitter public interest exclusion rules.

A Twitter spokesperson said in an email, "We have added an interstate public interest element to this tweet that violates our Citizen Integrity Policy. By making misleading health claims you may be." Banned from voting.

He added, "Since the tweet violated our rules, we took measures, but we left the tweet on the platform." Since the Tweet is related to the current topic of concern to the audience, it is important to the audience. It is important that you say that you can still see the Tweet. ''

The spokesperson stated that interaction with the tweets will be limited due to the criteria in the attached notice, and people in the comments, but may not like, may tweet, reply or repost.

Democrats all over the country are promoting mailboxes. This is a convenient and reliable option for voters who do not wish to cast ballots in the U.S. Postal Service, and Republican officials in some states have banned mailboxes.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that a tweet from the President has provided incorrect information about voting and elections.

On May 26, the platform tweeted two tweets from the president's account containing false statements about the postal vote. It was the first time that the platform verified Trump's tweets.

The tweet in question falsely claimed that the mail vote would be largely fraudulent and lead to a rigged election.

The Twitter platform described the tweets as possibly misleading, adding that fact-checkers said there was no evidence that the mail vote was linked to fraud.

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