Review Brady BMP51-KIT-AC Printer Label Maker 143445
Brady BMP51-KIT-AC Printer Label Maker 143445

BMP51 printing machine can print on continuous and die cut label materials. With over 190 different stickers and stickers, you can be sure you always have the right supplies for the job. Data Communication and Audio and Video Applications: Public Identifiers, Patch Panel Labels, Wire Labels, 110-Part Labels, 66-Part Labels, BIX Labels. Electrical applications: cable identification, cable identification, terminal identification, cable identification, identification, general identification, maintenance definition. Utility and security applications: bar code labels, Lean and 5S labels, shelf and container labels, work-in-progress labels, facility and security identifiers, material labels (including vertical printing). Product and plate making applications: process labels, classification and sequencing labels, finished product labels. Lab applications: test tube and vial ID, no waste card, well plate and other glassware ID. Monochrome print. Support more than 190 kinds of spare parts materials. Multi-line printing Optional connection to a PC. 300 dpi print resolution. Heat transfer technology. The Sequencing Kit includes a BMP51 printer, USB cable, hard case, quick start guide, power supply / battery charger, and MC-1500-595-WT-BK label cartridge. Li-ion battery not included.

Designed to get the job done.
BMP51 (standalone) label printers and BMP53 (peripherals) have the latest mobile printing functionality anytime, anywhere. User-friendly app for poster design, fast print speed, material detection, automatic label formatting, etc. There are also over 200 coin stickers made with 14 different types of materials to choose from. Plus, you can take these printers with you from the factory to create quick and easy labels anytime, anywhere!

Use LabelMark to create and print labels on BMP51 and BMP53 printers using the included USB cable. LabelMark allows you to combine data sources and design labels and even print batches from a computer program. This easy-to-use label design and printing software is ideal for electrical, cable fixing, data communications, and product identification applications.
Review Brady BMP51-KIT-AC Printer Label Maker 143445
Brady BMP51-KIT-AC Printer Label Maker 143445

Your network of printers
The BMP51 and BMP53 connect to the computer using the supplied USB cable. Network cards can also be used for printers.

The BMP51 is compatible with two optional field-installed network cards: Ethernet-only (# 142267) or WiFi and Ethernet (# 142268).

The BMP53 is a PC-only printer and comes with an "Ethernet Only" card preinstalled. WLAN and Ethernet cards are provided separately and can be installed on site.

Mobile app for Android
The first Brady Mobile-Brady mobile app that lets you create stickers anytime, anywhere. Simply download the Brady Mobile app to your Android phone: design or modify existing stickers, create and edit poster templates, print to BMP51 or BMP53 printers using WiFi Direct, and save files from stickers to your mobile device. With built-in barcodes, icons, and illustrations, you can create custom stickers in seconds.

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