Review Cole-Parmer AO-65543-42 Manual Label Maker
Cole-Parmer AO-65543-42 Manual Label Maker

Use this economy unit to create labels for chemicals, bottles, shelves, and appliances. Colorful tape adheres firmly to any surface including glass, plastic, metal, rubber and wood. The uppercase and white letters are easy to read from a distance of 2.4 meters. The operation is very simple: choose a letter, press the handle and pull the lever towards the front of the machine to cut the tape. Easy-Peeltm can remove medium quickly and efficiently. With a variety of colors, we can provide you with color coded stickers for your specific requirements. Contents Included: 2 rolls of blue and burberry, 3/8 '' x 9.8 '' 9.5mm x 3m. Low cost, you can keep label printers anywhere in the workplace

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