Review Brady BMP61 Portable Handheld Label Printer
Brady BMP61 Portable Handheld Label Printer

The BMP61 Label Printer is used for effective identification of wires, cables and components. It can handle tough industrial applications using reliable materials. Function: independent and station mode. Color printing function: single color. Print Resolution: 300 dpi. Maximum print speed: 1.33 inches per second. Two-year warranty. Dimensions: 4.22 inches wide x 12.93 inches high x 4.19 inches deep. Weight: 3.212 lbs. Supported materials: continuous strip stickers and cut molds. Maximum poster width: 2 inches, width: 2.8 inches, color touch screen (320 x 240 pixels); Backlit LCD graphic display. User interface: touch screen; Full keyboard; the computer. Memory: 256MB Flash; 512 MB RAM. Knife Type: Simple Manual Drive; Straight cut. Battery type: Ni-MH battery. Supply voltage: 110 to 240 volts. Plug Type: American. Connection options: cable; USB USB 2.0 host; Independent use. Program compatibility: labeling software. Includes: hard case; Rechargeable Ni-MH battery; Force rope; Power supply / charger; PTL-19-423 B-423 White Polyester Label (1 "x 1", 250 / roll); USB Tape Cable M61-r6010: Power cord from product CD, Quick Start Guide printed out and Driver CD. Application: marking cables and wires. Mark the circuit board. A company identifier is a generic and industry definition. Health care identification; Barcode Labeling Industrial ID of Factory Lab Identification Panel for Factory Maintenance Product ID; Cable and wiring instruction. Use With Printer Cartridge Series: Tape Label (bptl-); Brady CV (PTS-); Include a long-sleeved yarn label (bptds-). Assemble each group of sleeve MA mark (bpspt-); Bulk terminal brand (bptltb-); Today (PTL-, Ptlep-, Ptlfp-, Ptlft-, Ptlsl-); M61 series (M61-, m61c-); Any name shield master (ptps-, ptpsl-); The jacket represents the MA wire cap of the tube (pspt-, psht-, psfr-).

Your trusted identity partner, every year, every day, every day to come
The Brady BMP61 Label Printer is used for fast and efficient identification of wires, cables and components. With high-performance materials suitable for the most demanding industrial identification applications, this printer is your strong and reliable business partner and a reliable pillar of your business. It contains multiple user interfaces, touch screen functions, and multiple options for communicating, managing and storing data.

With the BMP61, you are ready to take on the identification tasks and get them done to the fullest.

Simple and effective
- Simple user interface and easy to navigate menus, slides and tabs.

- If you have a large color touch screen, you can check the appearance of your sticker before printing.

- Auto sticker format with smart unit technology.

- Wide lid opening, large container, easy to load items.

Use a QWERTY-style keyboard (Azerty, QWERZ, and Cyrillic), plus volume and effective distance keys for easy entry to reduce typing errors.
Review Brady BMP61 Portable Handheld Label Printer
Brady BMP61 Portable Handheld Label Printer

- Various application options including PermaSleeve wire tag cover, Self-annealing stickers, Voice and data ID, security label, Global ID, etc.

- Die-cut, continuous and personalized stickers up to 51 mm (2 in) wide for high performance.

- The 300 dpi print head allows clear labels to be displayed with fine lines to match fine lines and product identification materials.

- Data connectivity to USB 2.0 ports (Type A and B), support for optional USB modules and WiFi, so users can quickly save, copy or send poster designs from a computer, tablet or smartphone with LabelMark 6 software.

- Durable industrial design with rubber pads that have been tested to withstand four feet of drops

Power options include rechargeable Ni-MH batteries or AC power so you can print anytime, anywhere.

Two-year warranty * to make sure the printer is in perfect working condition.

Use tapes to improve storage and handling.

Brady BMP61 Portable Handheld Label Printer Specs
  • Includes BMP61 Portable Label Printer, Carrying Case, Tool Belt, Battery, Li-ion Charger, M61-R6010 Tape, 19423 PTL Label, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide
  • Portable label manufacturers can create multi-line labels to uniquely identify wires, circuit boards, printed circuit boards, and other industrial components
  • Easily import and export printer-generated labels, menus and graphic files to BMP61 printers via USB 2.0 ports and USB flash drives
  • The QWERTY keyboard has letters A to Z and numbers 0 to 9 and is paired with a touch-sensitive text screen for easier and more efficient classification.
  • The text is printed in one color and 6 different text sizes (from 6 to 40 points).

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