Review Brother PT-90 P-touch Personal Labeler
Brother PT-90 P-touch Personal Labeler

Personal sticker. 3 interchangeable panels machine appearance can be customized. The 12-digit LCD is easy to see. Portable design with typewriter-style keyboard. Use an unpainted 3/8 "and 1/2" wide strip of M Series. 4 AAA batteries can be used (not included)

PT-90 is part of Simply Elegant series of P-Touch products that add more elegance to the label!

This customizable template features three editable interfaces that you can use to customize your poster tool. With the "decorating mode" function, up to eight stylish designs can be added to the Family Sticker app. The PT-90's compact and portable design makes it ideal for handbags.

The PT-90 has an easy-to-read 12-character LCD and a typewriter keyboard, and it can print uncoated labels in widths of 3/8 "and 1/2". Use nine writing styles, 173 symbols, or one of the searcher's seven options to easily create creative posters with one or two lines of text. Use 4 "AAA" batteries (not included) and insert the black starter strip into the white "M" starting strip.
Additional functions
  • 3 interchangeable front panels to customize the look of the device
  • 8 fashion decorative patterns for high fashion posters
  • Use the "M" series non-foil tape, which is available in two widths
  • The 12-digit LCD is easy to see
  • Print one or two lines of text
  • Portable design with typewriter-style keyboard
  • 9 writing styles and 7 frame options
  • 173 code
  • Ideal for family sticker applications
  • Can use 4 "AAA" batteries (not included)
Review Brother PT-90 P-touch Personal Labeler
Brother PT-90 P-touch Personal Labeler

Easy to use personal sticker maker
The Brother P-touch PT-90 is a great home manual labeling tool. It has an intuitive keyboard and QWERTY screen. With a choice of 8 typefaces, 7 framing options, over 170 icons and 8 styles in Decoration Mode, you can easily create custom stickers. You can also customize your marking tool by choosing from three interchangeable fields.

Brother PT-90 P-touch Personal Labeler Specs
  • Lightweight portable label tool
  • Simple QWERTZ keyboard (computer style), 12-character clear display
  • It has 7 border options, 8 writing styles, 8 styles and 170+ characters, which makes it easy to customize your stickers.
  • 3 interchangeable panels, customizable adhesive tool
  • Brother "M" belts use different colors and different widths are 3/8 "and ½"

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