Review INIUPO Touch Screen Children’s Smart Watch
INIUPO Touch Screen Children’s Smart Watch

Kids Smart Watches for Men and Women - Kids Smart Watches with Cell Phones, 7 Games, Music Player, Camera and Alarm, Calculator, Calendar, SOS Touch Screen, Kids Smart Watches, Birthday Gifts

INIUPO Touch Screen Children’s Smart Watch Specs
  • Function: Kids smart watch with tablet device, ten contacts, 7 puzzles, 3 alarm clocks, music player, calculator, 5 languages ​​to choose from, SOS, background image, camera, photo, calendar, time (format) 12/24 Optional hours), date, profile mute, call log, school profile, language change.
  • To make a call: Insert a Micro Nano SIM card (not included). Speedtalk recommended us.
  • Kids watches are very easy to use: there is no need to download any applications, no connection to a mobile phone, and all functions are built into the watch so that children can use it easily. It is a great gift for ages 3-12.
  • Child Protection: In an emergency, children can press the SOS key to call the family phone for help. It is a great help for children in emergencies.
  • Your concern: If you don't want to buy a SIM card. It can still be used as a normal gaming watch, except for the call function, all functions can still be used normally.

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