Review Themoemoe Waterproof Kids Smartwatch with GPS Tracker
Themoemoe Waterproof Kids Smartwatch with GPS Tracker

Themoemoe Kids GPS Watch, Smart Kids Watch with GPS Tracker, 1.44 SOS Waterproof Phone Touch Screen Display, Flashlight Camera, Sports Toys, Cat

Themoemoe Waterproof Kids Smartwatch with GPS Tracker Specs
  • [Water resistance of smart watches The watches are made of special materials that are waterproof, waterproof and durable. Your child can wear this waterproof watch every day without worrying about rain damage to the watch.
  • [SOS function] This baby tracking smart watch has LBS-SOS function. In an emergency, kids can press the SOS button for 3 seconds to call the family phone. You can define up to 3 SOS numbers. It is a great help for children in emergencies.
  • [CLASS MODO, NO WORRY] When kids are in school or in classroom, you don't need to worry about kids smart watches disturbing them. Parents can set 3 periods of Do Not Disturb mode. These functions are prohibited from using functions such as calls, games, and cameras, except for emergency SOS.
  • Bidirectional communication Insert the SIM card into the child's smartwatch and download the SeTracker2 app. Compatible with US 2G GSM SIM card only. We recommend SpeedTalk or T-Mobile. Then you can always call them or send a message in any way.
  • 【Multiple functions compatible with Mobile Speedtalk that simplify calls and enable voice chat. Flashlight, camera, LBS website, phone book, intercom, fingerprint, alarm, security area, emergency, game, two-way call.

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