LTAIN 1080P 15.6 USB Portable Monitor
LTAIN 1080P 15.6 USB Portable Monitor

Portable Screen 1080P 15.6 USB C Computer Screen Second Eye Care USB C with Mini HDMI Speakers, Suitable for Mac Laptops, Macs, PCs and Travel Screen, for PS4 NS Switch with Smart Protective Cover

The laptop screen can be easily connected to your computer and laptop
The LTAIN Laptop Screen Extender is a lightweight display with HDMI and Type-C inputs that can be easily attached to the monitor by plugging an HDMI cable or Type-C cable (including the cable) into the monitor and connecting it to one. Laptop or desktop computer. They are ideal for enlarging the screen and playing games on business trips, travel or home entertainment.

Horizontal Portable LED Display or Vertical Portable Screen
The LATIN Slim Portable Display is an LED with auto rotate option so you can place a dual portable display on the track (portrait or landscape) to get the job done with ease. The mobile gaming screen gives you a great viewing experience while viewing websites or files.

This USB C portable gaming monitor can extend your smart phone
The LTAIN Portable Display USB Power Adapter can be connected to most smartphones such as Type-C smartphones and iPhone. With just one cable, you can easily expand your small mobile phone screen into a second laptop screen with excellent display performance. If there was no LATIN portable gaming monitor, entertainment would never be fun and immersive.

USB laptop screen
If you want to play HD games on mobile gaming monitors with PS3, PS4, Wi, Nin Ten, etc. keys and want great gaming experience, LATIN Portable Screen is your best choice. With 1080p HD resolution, vivid colors and vivid images ensure a fun and entertaining gaming experience

Latin USB Portable Screen for Laptop
All you need is a USB-C or Mini-HDMI cable (both included) or a video signal and power adapter to achieve Full HD 1080P resolution for your mobile phone, PC or laptop. It also provides a 3.5mm headphone jack to suit your listening preferences.

Be a high-definition and advanced portable screen
Not only does it have the best screen, it also has two excellent stereo speakers. Two dedicated speakers can produce 360-degree sound with deep and precise bass, providing you with an amazing home theater sound experience

15.6 Portable Screen
If you want to play HD games with PS3, PS4, WI, Nin Ten, etc. playing on screen and want great gaming experience, LATIN 2k portable monitor is your best choice. With 1080p HD resolution, vivid colors and vivid images ensure a fun and entertaining gaming experience
LTAIN 1080P 15.6 USB Portable Monitor
LTAIN 1080P 15.6 USB Portable Monitor

Entertainment and learning in the PS4 mobile system
When closed, the micro HDMI cable can only be connected to a portable dual screen TV, computer or large game

External laptop screen with HDMI cable display
HDMI data cable connection can achieve the same function of screen display, play sports with family and children, watch TV, play games, and USB C portable projector should be the first choice.

LTAIN 1080P 15.6 USB Portable Monitor Specs
  • [Gradient Brightness Upgrade] LTAIN portable screen has built-in film that can improve quantum dots. Screen color gamut can be up to 72%. Screen brightness 300 cd / m². It has 16.7 million colors. HDR technology. This USB C Monitor can do it all. The frame is alive and gives you color.
  • 【15.6 inch FHD1080 IPS laptop screen with HDMI portable screen use 15.6 inch 1920 * 1080 screen with excellent color rendering effect. The advanced IPS panel ensures excellent response time, smoothness, and eye protection. Even if multiple people share the screen at the same time, the 178 ° viewing angle enables high-quality display.
  • [The gaming screen is thin, light and light, weighing only 1.56 pounds and 0.23 inch thick. It can fit perfectly in a computer bag or backpack and keep for a long time without feeling the extra weight. Our monitors are true computer monitors and can be easily installed in two portable screens and portable presentations. Suitable for travelers, students, players, engineers and everyone.
  • [Two speakers and an eye protection screen Portable portable screens have built-in HD stereo system and high quality stereo speakers, especially if you have a second portable screen for listening to music. Watch movies, play games, and enjoy original 360 sound. The small screen uses a flicker-free backlight, filter, and screen technology to reduce eye strain.
  • [Universal Compatibility] The portable screen is equipped with three cables (Type C Type C / Mini HDMI-HDMI / USB Type C USB Type A), the portable screen has a Type C port and a full-function HDMI port, which can be used for laptops and use of computer and computer Tablet together. Easy connection to cell phones, keys, PS3, PS4 and NS. 2K display can expand your electronic devices anytime anywhere.

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