Review KANSING Translator Device 107 Languages
KANSING Translator Device 107 Languages

107 language translation equipment, two-way handheld instant voice translator, voice / text / picture translation, 3 inch HD touch screen

1. Support dialect translation in 107 languages, offline translation in 12 languages ​​and more than 45 languages, and it can translate camera pictures online.
2- Translate speech / text / recording / camera
3- English / Mandarin / Cantonese recording is suitable for meetings and helps you record important information.
4. You don't need a SIM card and don't download any apps.
5- Built-in camera for character recognition (OCR) with a resolution of 5 million pixels
6. Built-in 1500mAh battery and power management for 8-12 hours of voice translation and 7 days standby time.
7. Supports Wi-Fi, internet hotspot or offline use.
8.3 '' HD touchscreen display with real-time voice and text.
9. Real-time multi-person translation for barrier-free chat communication
10- Software update, language support may be added in the future

More than 107 language translators:
English (USA), Chinese, Cantonese, French (French), Spanish (ES), English (AU), English (UK), Danish (DK), German (DE), Italian text (IT), Japanese ( JP) (KR), Arabic (EG), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Portuguese (BR), Russian (RU), French (CA), Thai (TH), Vietnamese, Indonesian (ID), Malaysian (MY)), Hebrew, etc.

Voice translator - offline translation in 12 languages:
English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch.

Technical data of transformer equipment:
- Basic functions: voice / text / record / camera subtitles
Connectivity: Wi-Fi / Hotspot / Offline
Material: ABS
Camera: 5 million pixels
- Working time: 8-12 hours
Standby time: 168H
Battery capacity: 3.7V / 1500mAh
- Touch screen size: 3 inch touch screen
- Product size: 131 x 50 x 13mm / 5.2 x 1.9 x 0.5in
Review KANSING Translator Device 107 Languages
KANSING Translator Device 107 Languages

KANSING Translator Device 107 Languages Specs
  • [[99% accurate voice translator: Voice translator easily supports two-way simultaneous interpretation including online translation in 107 languages, more than 12 offline translations, more than 45 languages ​​translation from pictures. The accuracy rate of this translator is up to 99%. It can handle complex words, which makes conversation faster so that you do not have to worry when traveling abroad to 133 countries. / Regions
  • ❤ [Instant voice translator and voice storage in less than 0.5 seconds]: The translation device is equipped with Google / Microsoft translation engine, and the response time is very short in less than 0.5 seconds. Portable voice translator can translate text and display it on 3 inch HD IPS touch screen. Besides, our voice translator can record and translate English / Mandarin / Cantonese, then export the translated text to other devices through this instant voice translator.
  • ❤ Voice translator with smart photo translation function]: support more than 45 language translators all languages ​​in the world to get accurate picture translation. This portable voice translator can help you to read menus, traffic lights, product labels, etc. more safely.
  • ❤ [12 languages, no internet connection and WIFI / hotspot / bluetooth required to connect the translator: just connect the multi-language translator to wifi or global hotspot and start the translation in real time, it can also be used with bluetooth headset. No SIM card or app required. Offline voice translator feature is very useful when internet connection is lost. It now supports bidirectional translation in English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.
  • ❤ [Portable translator and long-term use]: The portable smart voice translator is an easy-to-use pocket-sized portable device. Our voice translator has 1500mAh built-in battery, low power consumption, supports 8-12 hours of voice translation and 7 days standby time. The large battery makes the interpreter ideal for travel, business trips, foreign language learning, mother tongue learning and retail trade in tourist areas

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