Review RATEL 2.4G Silent Mouse with USB Receiver
RATEL 2.4G Silent Mouse with USB Receiver

Wireless Mouse, 2.4G RATEL Silent Mouse with USB Receiver, Notebook PC, Laptop, Windows / Mac OS

Plug and use
It is very easy to set up. Simply remove the USB nano receiver from the back of the mouse, connect it to your computer, and start using!

Ergonomic design
Symmetrical design, suitable for left and right hands. Quiet and easy to click for an amazing user experience.

Lightweight and portable
Thanks to the compact design, you can easily take your mouse with you wherever you go.

High accuracy
Wireless mouse, by default DPI1600. It will enter sleep mode within 15 minutes of inactivity to save power and can be activated by clicking any button.

Click lightly

Silent click eliminates your worry of disturbing others and has a left / right click life of 5,000,000 times.

Where can I find a USB receiver?
The micro USB receiver is located in the mouse battery compartment. You need 1 AA battery
Review RATEL 2.4G Silent Mouse with USB Receiver
RATEL 2.4G Silent Mouse with USB Receiver

  • 【The fast, stable and efficient transmission uses 2.4GHz radio technology to ensure fast and stable transmission and longer working distance. With a transmission distance of 10 meters (33 feet), this ergonomic computer mouse provides a high level of interference prevention, preventing delay, leakage and interference. Great wireless mouse for home and office.
  • [The classically designed RATEL Wireless Ergonomic Computer Mouse consists of a very comfortable and skin-friendly computer mouse with perfect performance over 5,000,000 major test clicks! Symmetrical design, left and right handed, compact and easy to carry. Plug and use.
  • [Quiet Mouse] The noise of the RATEL wireless mouse is reduced by 90%, more than any other quiet mouse on the market! The silent click removes your fear of harassing others and allows you to focus better on your work. Enjoy the calm while sailing and working.
  • 【Auto power saving RATEL setting switches the USB computer mouse to power saving mode when idle. This greatly extends battery life and requires AA battery (not included). Click any button to activate it.
  • GLOBAL COMPATIBILITY] RATEL wireless mouse is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Linux, and Mac OS (V10.4 or higher). In addition, it is compatible with PC, Laptops, Macbook, etc. A great visual computer mouse for various activities!

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