Review Seenda Bluetooth Rechargeable Wireless Mouse
Seenda Bluetooth Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

Rechargeable Wireless Mouse with Sinda Bluetooth Mouse (Bluetooth 4.0 + Bluetooth 4.0 + USB Multifunction / Type-C) Compatible iPad iPhone Mac OS Android Windows

Multifunctional Bluetooth Mouse
Mouse can connect up to 3 devices at the same time using the following methods: Bluetooth 4.0 + Bluetooth 4.0 + USB or Type-C receiver and can easily switch 3 computers with one click.

Wireless charging mouse
With the built-in battery, you don't need to worry about replacing the battery and you can easily charge it using the included micro-USB cable

DPI Level 3 Mouse
The DPI switch button on the top of the mouse lets you adjust the DPI: 1000-1600-2400 to suit different needs

The back of the mouse is equipped with an on / off button for easy control. Likewise, the mouse switches to sleep mode within 10 minutes of inactivity and can be activated simply by pressing the left / right button.

Multifunctional Bluetooth Mouse
The mouse was developed for several purposes and can connect up to 3 devices via Bluetooth 4.0 + Bluetooth 4.0 + USB / C type 2 in 1 Receiver.

Rechargeable bluetooth mouse
Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery that can be easily charged using the included micro USB cable. You don't need to worry about changing batteries

Mouse mute

Significantly reduced clicks, fast recovery and a comfortable grip, ensuring an amazing experience without disturbing others

DPI adjustable mouse
You can use the DPI toggle button on top of the mouse to adjust the DPI level for different needs

Comfortable wireless mouse
The improved design provides a comfortable writing experience and can smoothly follow most surfaces
Review Seenda Bluetooth Rechargeable Wireless Mouse
Seenda Bluetooth Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

Smart mouse

Compact, easy to fit in a laptop bag, making it an ideal business travel mouse

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MOUSE - This multifunctional wireless mouse can connect up to 3 computers via Bluetooth 4.0 + Bluetooth 4.0 + USB / Type-C 2 into the receiver. There is absolutely no delay, you can switch between different inputs with just one click
  • Rechargeable Mouse With Long Battery Life - This mouse has a built-in battery so you can use it without having to carry two batteries. Comes with 1 * Micro USB to USB A cable for charging
  • Universal compatible Bluetooth mouse, compatible with Windows (Win 8, Win 10 or above), Mac OS (Mac OS X 10.10 or above), iOS 13 or above, Android 4.3 or above. For iPad / iPhone devices, activate "Assistive Touch" before Bluetooth connection: Settings-Accessibility-Assistive Touch
  • Quiet and Responsive Clicks Portable Mouse - compact 4 * 2.36 * 1.5 inch, multiple connection options and rechargeable functions make this mouse very convenient on the go. You can enjoy the comfortable mouse without touching the laptop card
  • 18 MONTHS MONEY REFUND OR EXCHANGE - This mouse is backed by our 18 month risk-free warranty. If you have any problems during use, we can offer you a free replacement or refund. Remember, we stand behind all of our products

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