Review SAULEOO Translator Translator Device
SAULEOO Translator Translator Device

SAULEOO translator translator, portable voice translator support 137 languages, wifi bidirectional instant voice translator with 2.5 inch touch screen

Main characteristics
1. Bidirectional translator.
2. Support capturing subtitles.
3. Support translating camera images.
4. Support Wi-Fi connection and hotspot network.
5. Supports voice translation without internet connection after downloading.

6. Intelligent intelligent voice detection.
7. Support 107 dialect languages ​​for mutual translation
8. 1500mAh large capacity battery, long standby time.
9. 3.0 inch HD touch screen, real-time voice and text display.
10. 32G large capacity, update background from time to time.
11. Online translation in 107 languages ​​and offline translation in 12 languages.

custom made
Processor: MT6580
Audio: MD4136
Software system: Android 8.1
Storage: 1 GB RAM + 8 GB internal storage
BT: V2.1 + EDR / V3.0 + HS / V4.0 LE
Wi-Fi: 2.4G (802.11a / b / g / n)

Flash: support
OTG: not supported
GPS: not supported
Active: not supported
LCD: 3.0 inch 360 * 640 / IPS
TP: G + F one click, 3D shape

USB: Micro 5 pin, USB 2.0
Battery: 1500 mAh polymer
Rear lens: 500m autofocus
Microphone: silicone, dual noise reduction
Speakers: 30 boxes 2.5 Watt Surround Multimedia Speakers
Review SAULEOO Translator Translator Device
SAULEOO Translator Translator Device

SAULEOO Translator Translator Device Specs
  • ★★ Multifunctional Voice Translator: Our voice translator devices support two-way dialect translation in 107 languages ​​and two-way / offline translation simultaneously over WiFi in 12 languages. Display speech and text in real time. Voice / text / recording / image translators are widely used in travel, shopping, entertainment, making friends, learning foreign languages, and other scenarios.
  • ★★ Picture and Voice Translator: Our smart voice translator has camera voice translator function. 3.0 inch touch screen, latest version 5 million pixels and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) camera support online translation from photo cameras. Large touch screen and very high pixels. Write the picture translation number for you. Improve translation efficiency and accuracy.
  • ★★ Offline translation function: The portable voice translator can access the internet from anywhere via WIFI or HOTSPOT without connecting via the app on the phone. It can also translate offline and support two-way translation in 12 languages. Including Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Italian, etc. It is more accurate and convenient than Mobile / BT app with 99% accuracy.
  • ★★ Long Standby Mode: Large capacity battery (1500mAh) supports more than 7 days in standby mode, and our translators can work 8-12 hours continuously. A USB cable audio translator can be charged using a portable power adapter and a USB computer. Always rechargeable, portable, compact and very convenient to carry when traveling abroad.
  • ★★ Packaging and Service: Wonderful packaging design. Includes adapter, USB Type-C cable, and user guide. This guide provides complete and detailed steps to teach you how to use our smart voice translator. Our smart language translation devices are guaranteed for 3 years. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We provide you with fast and friendly customer service within 24 hours.

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