Review TESIYI Offline Language Translator with Camera
TESIYI Offline Language Translator with Camera
TESIYI Translator, Offline Camera Voice Translator, Bi-directional Voice Translator with HD Touch Screen, Voice / Text / Photo Interpretation for Shopping, Traveling and Business Learning

Tesiyi AI technology provides continuous software upgrades and noise canceling features.

Support for image translation in 126 languages ​​and 44 languages.

Built-in OCR Camera 5 million pixels.

Bluetooth connectivity for use with headphones or headphones.

Battery capacity: 1200 mAh, rechargeable for 2 hours and 10 hours working time.

30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty.

Recognized by business and tourists.
TESIYI Voice Language Translator is a newly invented bidirectional simultaneous translation device that also uses AI or AI algorithms. It has three main functions. The most important thing is the image translation atmosphere. You can translate menus or display signs at the same time. Secondly, the two-way simultaneous interpretation function is very useful for communicating with people from different countries, or you can use it to learn different languages ​​yourself. Third, in the built-in bluetooth mode, this mode allows you to connect subtitle devices with bluetooth headsets or headphones to translate each scene at the same time.

The special thing about this mini translator is that as of August 2019 it can translate up to 106 languages ​​and 44 languages ​​for image translation. The program is constantly updated to add more new languages ​​to you in the future. Currently, the most common ones are Japanese, Chinese, English, Korean, French, Russian, Finnish, Greek, German, Czech, Vietnamese and Ukrainian. Turkish, Filipino, Swedish, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, etc.
Review TESIYI Offline Language Translator with Camera
TESIYI Offline Language Translator with Camera

How to use it is easy. Just connect to a WiFi network or hotspot and use it! There is no need to install any apps on the phone.

TESIYI Offline Language Translator with Camera Specs
  • Language Interpretation] - Two-way translation for multiple foreign languages. TESIYI's interpreters make up 85% of the world's population. Support for 227 country / regional languages, including national languages
  • [The tesiyi translator device supports the offline translator 8 languages ​​for offline translation. This means that our translation activities are not restricted by the network environment, which makes it more convenient and convenient. It is not a problem when you are traveling abroad or doing business with foreigners.
  • Camera Translate] - Translate caption text into English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, etc. (supports up to 44 languages),
  • Real-time voice and text translation] - When using the 2.4 inch HD touch screen and speech-to-speech translation, it will be translated into text on the screen at the same time as the microphone and loudspeaker on the device, loud and clear. If other people can't hear clearly, you can tap the screen to play the voice, make suitable face-to-face translation and call translation.
  • [Translation Log - Recording feature that lets you record every important meeting. English recordings can be translated into other languages ​​of your choice. If the system language is Chinese, it also has an AI function that can address you intelligently.

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