Review TKOTKO Instant Language Translator Device
TKOTKO Instant Language Translator Device

Synchronous Voice Translator, Smart Pocket Voice Translator 138 Languages ​​Two Way Wifi / Offline Travel Translator 2.4 Inch Touch Screen Camera Translation - White

TKOTKO Instant Language Translator Device Specs
  • Language translator devices: As the world's first intelligent engine of intelligent translation device, the voice-to-language translation devices support two-way real-time translation and support over 138 languages ​​online. More than 47 translations of camera images and 14 translations without an internet connection. Voice translation and reading, full face-to-face translation, and redial translation with an accuracy rate of 98%.
  • Offline translation help: Support 8 languages. Translation can be done without internet connection without network status. If users cannot connect to internet, they can use 8 languages ​​offline in emergency mode to help. Please note that users need to download the language first.
  • Smart pocket translator: compact design, easy to carry, 1500mAh voice translation make standby time 1560 minutes 125 hours. Users can use it widely to travel, shopping, business meeting, entertainment, make friends, learn foreign languages, use other foreign traffic lights / road sign scene, restaurant menu, product label, access card, etc.
  • Smart Voice Voice Recorder Camera Translation: This voice translator device has the latest updated version 2.4 inch touch screen with 5 million pixels and OCR (character recognition) camera support more than 47 languages ​​for online camera translation.
  • Dual Microphone Noise Reduction: Dual microphone noise reduction helps users adapt to different scenarios. Translated into various other languages ​​for users to choose from.

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