The Telegram platform offers support for video calls
The Telegram platform offers support for video calls

Telegram has added support for video calls so that the platform keeps its promise to support video calls in its chat program.

The platform released version 7.0.0 on the beta channel, which supports video calls and many other features.

The Telegram platform is one of the most feature-rich messaging apps out there right now, but most alternatives are missing an important feature, which is video calling.

Due to the lack of video calls and the lack of support for group video calls, Telegram users have to rely on other messaging programs like WhatsApp and Google Duo to take advantage of these features.

Twitter users recently discovered the video calling feature in Telegram's 7.0.0 beta for Android, iOS, and macOS.

The attached screenshot shows that you can access the video calling feature by clicking on the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner of the conversation. The function is activated by default. In the latest beta version.

However, in order to use this functionality, you and the other participants must install the Beta 7.0.0 version of the Telegram app.

While Telegram has not officially announced any information about the video calling feature, this feature should be stable over the coming weeks.

In addition to the video calling feature, the latest Telegram beta also shows that the app will soon provide support for bubble notifications in Android 11.

The Telegram platform began testing floating chat bubbles for the first time in the app's 6.3.0 beta version at the end of last month. This function can be activated via the error correction option in the application settings.

This feature allows users to keep speech bubble conversations front and center, enabling frequent conversations with specific friends or family members.

Correction option does not enable native Android 11 bubbles. In the latest beta, Telegram Chat Bubbles can now be used with the original Android 11 API. However, you need to enable the debug option.

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