TikTok is preparing to challenge Trump's executive order
TikTok is preparing to challenge Trump's executive order

ByteDance-owned TikTok is preparing to take legal action against Trump's executive order on Monday.

President (Donald Trump) issued an order on August 14 giving ByteDance 90 days to withdraw from Tik Tok activities in the United States and block transactions using popular short video apps.

ByteDance has made progress in engaging with potential buyers, including Microsoft and Oracle, and a number of ByteDance investors in the United States can also participate in the bid.

The source said: The legal challenge TikTok is trying to address relates to the previous executive order that Trump issued on August 6.

The decree mandated the Minister of Commerce to prepare a list of transactions involving byteDance and their characteristics that are expected to be blocked after 45 days.

TikTok states that Trump's executive orders, especially those issued on August 6 under the International Economic Emergency Powers Act, have denied him legal action.

The source added that Tikturk would also oppose the classification of the White House as a threat to national security.

It is not clear which court TikTok will file a lawsuit with. The company previously stated that it is reviewing its legal options and that its employees are also preparing their lawsuits.

Tik Tok is popular for videos of dancers, but US officials have raised concerns that user information could be leaked to the Chinese Communist government.

Tik Tok's legal challenge does not protect parent company ByteDance from withdrawing the app, as the lawsuit has nothing to do with the August 14 administrative decree regarding the sale of Tik Tok, which has not been submitted for judicial review.

However, this move indicates that ByteDance is trying to enforce the law. Because it was trying to prevent TikTok deal negotiations from turning into a quick sell.

The Trump administration has stepped up efforts to block US digital networks from blocking Chinese apps it believes are unreliable.

In addition to TikTok, Trump has issued an order blocking transactions with Tencent WeChat.

Trump said that if the US government gets a large chunk of its revenue, it will support Microsoft's efforts to acquire TikTok's US business, but he also said that other potential buyers such as Oracle are interested.

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