Volkswagen begins production of ID 4 electric car
Volkswagen begins production of ID 4 electric car

Volkswagen announced this week that the ID 4 will start mass production in Saxony.

Identification Number 4 is the company's first electric SUV.

This is the second electric vehicle (ID) to be named after the Volkswagen Group. It has also been conceptually called ID Crozz and is sold in the United States, China, and Europe.

Volkswagen only sold the first car to bear the ID 3 name in Europe.

Initial production for ID 4 has already started at the company's Anting plant in China, and Chattanooga's plant will begin operations in 2022.

The German car manufacturer will roughly reveal ID 4 at the end of September. China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released its first photo 4 ID this summer.

It is expected to travel around 300 miles when fully charged. It's based on the same Modular Platform (EV) that powers other Volkswagen ID (MEB) vehicles.

There will be two configurations for all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, with the all-wheel drive system being the available version at launch.

The battery is located in the middle of the lower part of the fuselage, which lowers the center of gravity and improves driving dynamics.

The digital cockpit is operated via a touch screen and intuitive voice commands.

With the introduction of identification number 3, Volkswagen Chairman Herbert Des (Herbert Des) lost his position at the brand in June due to software bugs that delayed delivery to customers.

Dess was reportedly removed from his position as CEO due to the introduction of the new golf course and other minor issues such as the racist advertisement that was published earlier this year.

ID Buggy also includes concept versions of ID Roomzz SUV, ID Buggy, and enhanced ID Buzz. The company has promised to offer alternatives.

Volkswagen's Porsche recently launched its first all-electric sports car Taycan, and the identity car family will not be the first German company to use battery-powered engines.

The E-Tron, the Volkswagen Group's first battery-powered SUV, made its debut in 2018.

These cars pioneered Volkswagen's dominance in the emerging electric vehicle market.

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