WeChat user group sues Trump administration
WeChat user group sues Trump administration

The Wall Street Journal reported that a group of WeChat users are suing the Trump administration over the president's order to block transactions using the app.

The organization is not affiliated with WeChat or Tencent, the company that owns the app, but it is trying to block an August 6 presidential order that the organization says is unconstitutional. Because it violates users' rights to due process and freedom of expression.

The lawsuit also states: The ban is targeted at Chinese Americans because WeChat is the primary app for Chinese Americans to participate in social life by communicating with loved ones, sharing special moments, chatting ideas, getting the latest news, and more. Participate in social activities. Political debate.

The lawsuit states that WeChat has become an integral part of its users' daily life as many of them spend hours every day using the app.

President Trump's Executive Order specifically prohibits all transactions related to WeChat. Due to the extended ban, the ban will go into effect next month and cause great confusion.

The ban is one of the president's decisions against Chinese companies, while the other bans all transactions with ByteDance, the parent company of the video-sharing app TikTok.

Both are based on the "Energy Economic Emergency Law" and the "National Emergency Law."

Trump's order on WeChat indicated that, like TikTok, WeChat could also be used for fake advertising activities on behalf of the Communist Party of China, while WeChat and TikTok claimed that they did not pose any risk to its security.

(TikTok) confirmed its intention to sue the Trump administration over an executive order. The app is discussing with Microsoft the possibility of exploiting the software giant TikTok in the United States. Other companies, including Twitter and Oracle, are said to work separately with TikTok. dialogue. .

The WeChat user group consists of the following people: They say: You rely on WeChat for personal and business purposes.

The organization's attorneys said: There is hope that the Trump administration will have to provide notifications about banned WeChat transactions.

WeChat is widely used for purchases, payments and business transactions in China, with about 1 billion users, compared to 1.5 million in the United States.

Earlier this month, more than a dozen US companies, including Apple, Ford and Disney, opposed the ban on WeChat, and told White House officials that blocking WeChat would cause problems. For you and your business.

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