Why should your home be obliterated in Google Street View?
Why should your home be obliterated in Google Street View?

Google Street View provides a window to the world that can also peek inside your home, and the previewed content can exceed your trading margin.

However, there are some steps you can take. You can ask Google to permanently darken your home. As the name suggests, Google Street View (launched in 2007) offers Street View for many cities. all over the world.

In 2008, Minnesota, a suburb of North Oaks, Minnesota, decided not to post its photos on Google Street View and threatened to sue Google for violating third-party property. Then Google removed it.

In 2009, Privacy International filed a formal complaint with the UK Information Commissioner (ICO) accusing Google of inappropriately concealing the identity of the detainees. Failure can have dire consequences.

Google has never acted as an agent for anyone, and in 2010 the company admitted that Street View vehicles - vehicles that dot countless communities around the world - have been secretly powered over WiFi, unencrypted, and for years they have collected information about the network.

So maybe you are concerned about online tracking, you don't want strangers to look out of your window, or you care about privacy and don't think Google should index and scan your family photos. For some reason, I let Google tarnish the image of your home with relative ease. Or your apartment in Google Street View:

  • Go to Google Maps and enter your personal address.
  • Street View can be accessed by dragging the little yellow human icon in the lower right corner of the screen onto the map in front of the house.
  • While viewing home, tap (Report a problem) in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Place the red square in the center of the house, then select (My home) in the (Power off request) box.
  • In the field provided, enter the reason you want to darken the image, for example B: You might be concerned about security issues.
  • Enter your email address and click (Submit).

After clicking (Send), you should receive an email from Google saying that the photo you reported is under review. When your request is resolved, you will receive an email. The company can email it and ask you to select which area you want to block. In this case, you will have to start the whole process over again to select the area of ​​the image to be blurred.

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