Nikon or Canon? Which camera should i buy?
Nikon or Canon? Which camera should i buy?

The decades-long camera battle is a battle between great cameras from Nikon and Canon. The two companies may not fully occupy the market yet, but they are still the two most well-known names in the photography industry. Nikon and Canon have a good range of products. Because of its long-standing traditions.

Choosing your first camera can be more difficult and complicated than it used to be. Regardless of which brand you start with, there's a good chance it will last for many years, especially if you start investing in accessories. And goals compatible.

Once you have taken the first step in purchasing a camera and are ready to consider the next step, there are many mid-sized options, and even those who rely on photography for a living have tough choices. .

If you decide to stick with the tradition and use a DSLR, it is difficult to decide which digital camera is best for you as both Nikon and Canon can make great cameras. You have many options with digital SLR cameras.

We looked at the major Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras.

In general, we believe that prices under $ 600 are normal for buyers. If this is your budget, the options are many.

Not only do Canon and Nikon have many newer models at this price, but Canon and Nikon generally keep some older models in their product lines, and you can revert to those older models at discounts as well. And interesting shows. In particular, models that have been replaced by models. closer.

The top new options are the American Nikon D3500 and Canon EOS 250D (called Rebel SLR).

The Canon EOS 250D is the company's first choice, and the cheapest options available from Canon are the EOS 4000D and EOS 2000D.

Nikon has been relatively quiet about the company's entry-level models in the past, but in our current product line (Nikon D3500), this is the first camera on our list of the best entry-level DSLR cameras. the range. 24.2 megapixels. The sensor and focus system autofocus 11 points, recording 5 frames per second. The Nikon D3500 camera features longer battery life, a larger grip (for added comfort) and a redesigned sensor.

In general, there is not much difference between the two companies, but Canon recently released an entry-level model. So if you choose any of these models, you will get the most recent. Technique. If your budget fluctuates a lot, we recommend the Canon EOS 250D. If necessary, the Nikon D3500 is your best bet when purchasing your first camera.

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