Will the iPhone 12 Pro come with a screen refresh rate of 60 or 120 Hz?
Will the iPhone 12 Pro come with a screen refresh rate of 60 or 120 Hz?

Analyst Ross Young and Keelin (John Prosser) said that Apple may delay the release of the iPhone 12 Pro due to issues with the supply chain and the 120Hz refresh rate. Otherwise, the job will be completely terminated.

(Young) mentioned in a tweet that Apple was unable to obtain a 120Hz display (IC) driver for the iPhone 12‌ Pro due to supply chain issues. Therefore, Apple has to delay the iPhone 12® Pro release to wait for the correct driver (IC). Or start the screen release without a phone with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. To avoid this delay, Apple expects a standard screen with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The highly anticipated iPhone 12 Pro.

(The young man) speculated that the iPhone 12 rencont Pro's lagging display problems may be caused by the 120Hz refresh rate, which was not part of the device's original plan.

However, it has been suggested that Apple delay the release date of the phone to charge its 120Hz display, and it is unclear how long that delay could take. Apple confirmed in July that the iPhone is expected to hit the market this year. Usually late.

(Young) said: It's not an easy task in this case where Apple can do whatever it wants, when it wants - a semblance of strength - given the number of users who want it. 120Hz Apple can listen to and delay the phone's output until 120Hz refresh rate is reached.

Young (Jon Prosser) today confirmed Young's analysis, who confirmed that Apple continues to discuss the iPhone 12 ‌Pro case internally (with a refresh rate of 120Hz).

"Behind the scenes, Apple is still testing 120Hz (ProMotion), specifically for the iPhone 12 Pro," John Prosser said in a Front Page Tech video uploaded today.

(IPad Pro) ProMotion technology can dynamically adjust the screen to accommodate the movement of content, facilitate scrolling and improve responsiveness. Screen refresh rate also depends on what's on screen, which helps extend battery life.

Uncertainty about the iPhone 12 Pro screen refresh rate makes it difficult to tell everything, but these reports cast doubt on the market's ability to update the iPhone 12 iPhone Pro's 120Hz screen this time. Year.

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