110 million Chinese users of 5G networks
110 million Chinese users of 5G networks

According to the president of the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT), more than 110 million users in China have subscribed to the 5G plan.

The head of the research center said: In terms of the number of users, this makes China the largest 5G market.

After the major Chinese telecom companies launched plans for 5G consumers, and less than a year after authorities issued commercial licenses for 5G networks, more than 110 million users have achieved this goal.

That number is still a small fraction of your total subscriber count. In June last year, three public telecommunications companies in China attracted a total of 1.6 billion mobile phone users. This indicates that China has more than one mobile device per capita.

China's ambitions for 5G networks are the result of numerous efforts by the government, telecom companies, telecom equipment manufacturers, computer hardware manufacturers and software developers.

Policy makers need to show consumers a significant improvement in network speed. As a result, telecom companies are actively building 5G base stations across the country, which have more than 460,000 towers as of July.

In July, an official said: China is adding an average of 15,000 new base stations per week to its 5G network.

The government plans to increase this number to 600,000 by the end of 2020 to cover all provincial cities across the country.

In terms of making 5G devices and supporting 5G infrastructure, Huawei is undoubtedly the winner in promoting 5G in China.

According to the latest data released by CAICT, Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi have pushed to introduce 5G phones. China has sold more than 93 million 5G phones this year so far.

5G phones accounted for 60% of all broadcasts in August.

China's rapid transition to 5G has led to an increased demand for new hardware components such as integrated circuits.

An industry official said in July that the country produced more than 100 billion integrated circuits in the first half of 2020, an increase of 16.4% from the previous year. Demand came from projects related to 5G networks. .

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