The lineup of Apple tablets and iPad Air is getting messier
The lineup of Apple tablets and iPad Air is getting messier

The new iPad Air helped make the Apple tablet even more confusing.

The device features a screen design like the more expensive iPad Pro, with the added benefit of being the only device to feature the new A14 Bionic processor, making what was once the most complex even more complex. The most wonderful of the works.

Apple's tablet display was previously straightforward, but since the launch of the 9.7-inch Smart Keyboard and iPad Pro in 2016, the iPad display has become messy.

As of last spring, there will be five different iPad models covering two different types of connectors (Lightning and USB-C) and even two different types of digital pens, as the latest (Apple Pencil) is only available for the latest Apple tablets.

Now, with the advent of the reinvented iPad Air, things are still mixed. AppleAir reintroduced the product to its iPad Mini product line, which updated about 18 months ago.

And (iPad Pro) has some features such as (Smart Keyboard) and (Apple Pencil) while enjoying the Infinity Display.

However, with the exception of iPad Pro models that feature a higher 120Hz screen refresh rate and higher facial recognition after 2018, almost all of these benefits can be achieved with the new iPad Air.

The initial price of (iPad Air) is much cheaper, while the price of the 11-inch iPad Pro is $ 799, starts at $ 599, and has a faster (A14 Bionic) processor.

Apple said: The new iPad Air chip has increased performance by 40% compared to the previous iPad Air.

It should be noted that (A14 Bionic) is a six-core chip, while (A12Z Bionic) is an eight-core chip with a faster GPU and specific functions that can be used for graphics applications and high processing power similar to computers.

And iPad Pro still has more features than iPad Air because iPad Air doesn't have four speakers.

(IPad Pro) can choose between a storage capacity of 512 GB and 1 TB, while (iPad Air) 256 GB.

(IPad Pro) also has a high refresh rate (ProMotion) screen, a scanner (LIDAR) and an ultra-fast camera on the back.

In addition to storage space, there are several specifications that may not affect the basic operations most people use on iPad.

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