Amazon launches virtual tours via Explore
Amazon launches virtual tours via Explore

Amazon launched Explore, a new platform that lets you explore everything from courses and attractions to shopping at local stores around the world.

Discover business via video stream, mentors, coaches, and individual buyers also have one-on-one conversations.

Amazon said: The video is one-way, which means that in the virtual experience only the host appears on the camera, and the audio is two-way so you can ask questions and make inquiries.

The platform page provides an overview of the breadth of expertise available. There are 86 studies in 16 countries / regions.

These activities include relatively inexpensive lessons, such as a 40-minute virtual shopping experience in Ridgeland, USA for $ 10, a 45-minute virtual tour of a mansion in Lima, Peru for $ 70, or a bread-making class for $ 129.

In some cases, Amazon will list the components and supplies that must be purchased before the meeting. However, let's assume that if you only want to check this at home, these ingredients are optional.

Amazon is the latest company to offer virtual events this year where people need less travel and other personal activities.

Earlier this year, Airbnb launched its own virtual travel experience, and fitness company ClassPass switched to online classes.

Amazon's Product Explore page shows that customers can browse and purchase experiences on mobile phones and tablets. However, it is not clear if Apple will charge a 30% commission on these purchases.

According to Amazon, the host is from several well-known travel companies, and the e-commerce giant has confirmed that the host is responsible for the price of their meetings.

If you have a virtual shopping experience, all purchases are made through Amazon's payment system.

Currently, Explore can only be used to invite US customers.

You can then make a reservation by choosing an experiment, then setting the date and time of the session, then canceling or rescheduling it.

Amazon said: You can browse and book the experience from your mobile phone, but a laptop or desktop is required for the session itself.

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