Cloudflare launched a free Google Analytics competitor
Cloudflare launched a free Google Analytics competitor

Internet infrastructure giant Cloudflare has launched a new privacy-focused website analysis platform designed to challenge competition from Google Analytics.

Similar to Google Analytics, Cloudflare Web Analytics extracts information about visitors to a specific website, for example b. Number of visitors, time spent on the page, geographical location, device type etc. so that users can search the central dashboard. .

However, the difference between the two services is that Cloudflare does not store or use the types of user data that Google uses to evaluate and pay for online ads. Some people believe this practice violates confidentiality.

Cloudflare Web Analytics is made available to existing customers and will be available to all webmasters for free in the near future.

According to Cloudflare, the online privacy debate has reached its peak this year, leaving users unwilling to put up with the various data-gathering practices that the global tech giants deal with.

Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, said, “This year it is clear that the extent of privacy and data concerns has become one of the real issues that characterize various tech companies.

He added: Ad models have many advantages, as they are a fair way of communicating content to everyone. However, there is no doubt that there is some abuse of internet performance when it comes to security and security.

With Cloudflare Web Analytics, the company wants to respond to this trend and cement its reputation as an advocate for data protection.

The company has also released free website encryption tools and privacy-oriented DNS services in recent years, providing customers of all sizes with unlimited protection from DDoS attacks.

With these network analysis tools and tools, Cloudflare hopes the company can provide customers with the level of data security and privacy they need right now.

The new analysis service will initially focus on data protection. This means that it does not track website visitors via the Internet nor does it use IP addresses for web analysis services.

The company said our business is never set up to track users or sell ads, and we don't want to know what you're doing online.

The dashboard itself contains slide and zoom functions. In addition to checking for changes in traffic, users can also focus on specific time periods.

The free service also includes a dynamic website diagnostic tool. Here are some pointers that are included in the analytics service:

  • Visit by country.
  • Visit the source.
  • Host.
  • Click the path.
  • The navigator.
  • Type of equipment.

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