Audio Tweets are reaching more Twitter users
Audio Tweets are reaching more Twitter users

Twitter has expanded its Voice Tweets feature to more (iOS) users so that these users can record audio clips for inclusion in Tweets.

Twitter is now planning to add text to its podcast to improve accessibility. This may help combat criticism for the role she faced on June 17.

Currently, the title or translation the user said in the audio Tweet cannot be seen.

This feature has been criticized for not supporting accessibility and for its inability to display transcripts of audio Tweets.

Find out later that there is no dedicated team on Twitter to facilitate access. However, the company has urged employees to volunteer with accessibility time in addition to their daily work.

A day after the new feature was released, which received a lot of criticism, the platform said: It is exploring how to create a more personalized group with a focus on accessibility.

In September, Twitter announced two new accessibility teams: one to boost accessibility in Twitter products and the other to focus on the company's accessibility.

As part of the announcement, Twitter announced that it would add automatic audio and video subtitles to the platform by early 2021.

It is not clear when the podcast will be available for the podcast. If you want to try podcasts on other platforms, you may have to wait a little.

The company said through its official account: The audio tweets will appear on Android and web versions sometime in 2021.

The social media platform is also slated to be launched in Brazil and will soon begin testing live voicemail so that users can record voicemail messages and use them to send direct messages to friends and family on the platform, similar to Facebook and Instagram. .

Like Voice Tweets, Live Voice Messages have a simple interface with only a play and pause button, and the sender's avatar flashes when the message is read.

The product team designed an integrated recording experience. To make it easier to send these messages in the normal chat stream, it differs from the current audio Tweet interface.

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