Amazon officially announces the date of its highly anticipated Prime Day shopping event
Amazon officially announces the date of its highly anticipated Prime Day shopping event

Amazon said Monday that it will host its annual Prime Day shopping event October 13-14, as the e-commerce giant's goal is to start the holidays as soon as possible.

Earlier this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company postponed a popular two-day shopping event that began in 2015 in an effort to boost sales during the summer recession.

Amazon said it will invest an additional $ 100 million in Prime Day and Holidays offers.

The Seattle-based company is working on a number of expansions amid its explosive growth, thanks to an increase in online orders during the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus that helped the company achieve its best and biggest profits in 26 years. (Quarterly) July last year.

The company does not generally disclose any event revenue, but said its distributors contributed $ 2 billion to revenue in 18 countries / territories for the 48 hours of Golden Day 2019.

Last Thursday, Amazon announced a raft of products and services at a special event. The most important of them was the fourth generation of the Echo Smart Subwoofer, which was voice-activated to use the functions of the Alexa digital assistant.

The company also announced its smart screen (Echo Show 10) at the event, which allows tracking of users to help them move anywhere.

The Echo Show 10 can do this thanks to the built-in camera that can detect people and then the screen rotates along the axis of the base.

Amazon also announced on Thursday the launch of Luna, a cloud-based game streaming service for Fire TVs, desktops, and mobile platforms.

This new service from the US e-commerce giant is similar to Google Stadia and allows users to play games that are streamed over the Internet without having to download and install them.

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