Microsoft enters a 5G race with telecom operator cloud services
Microsoft enters a 5G race with telecom operator cloud services

On Monday, Microsoft released a new cloud platform in which network operators can build 5G networks faster, cut costs and sell customized services to businesses.

After the Chinese company Huawei banned access to its communications network, the US government pushed Microsoft and other large US companies to become more involved in the 5G network. This technology should do it all. From self-driving cars to remote operations to manufacture robots.

Microsoft said the new platform will run on Azure (Microsoft's premier cloud computing service), and the company has said it will lower infrastructure costs and provide flexibility to add services, order and use AI to automate processes.

In some cases, the company can cut costs by 30% to 40%, Azure Networking Vice President Youssef Al-Khalidi told Reuters.

The company is a developer of Windows and Office programs. After the acquisition of Affirm Networks and Metaswitch earlier this year, the company entered the 5G network.

"Through these acquisitions, we acquired the DNA in the field of communications. We have evolved from a few engineers in the field to hundreds of engineers," Khalidi said. He added, "On the other hand, including the essential part of this aspect, our computing feature has been in use for many years."

The company has worked with many companies, from telecom operators (like Verizon and AT&T) to network equipment companies (like Samsung and Mavenir). Use or sell new customer platforms.

"Microsoft's move will increase competition from existing 5G service providers such as Nokia and Ericsson," said CCS Insight analyst Nicholas Macquire.

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