Amazon: PS5 orders may not arrive on time
Amazon: PS5 orders may not arrive on time

In the past few days, after the initial PS5 ordering proved difficult, Amazon has been a great choice for many people interested in the Sony PlayStation 5 platform.

Amazon has successfully processed a large number of orders for the first time for the PlayStation 5. However, if the initial orders from retail stores come on November 12th (PS5 release date), everyone should think. Options on the spot. United States of America.

Amazon has sent an email to some of its original (PS5) customers, whether it's a digital order or a regular order, warning that the platform may not arrive on the same day. Start.

The message was sent on Friday afternoon. The content is as follows: We will contact you regarding your order for (PlayStation 5) to inform you that due to a high initial order, the item may not be received on the release date and we will do our best to be the best delivered to you as soon as possible after publication. .

Email tracking: Customers can track their orders through Amazon and cancel unsent items if needed.

It's not clear if Amazon sent this precautionary (PS5) email to someone who placed the order in the first place.

In the past, Amazon made same-day delivery errors for new game devices (like Nintendo Switch) or popular games (like Animal Crossing: New Horizons).

If the email is just a warning, there's still a chance that some of the PS5's initial requests may come later than expected. However, anyone who receives this email can guarantee they will have a PS5 at some point. .

Additionally, the e-commerce platform doesn't seem to know exactly how many platforms (PlayStation 5) it will receive and warn people that there is no guarantee that delivery will be on launch day. .

It should also be noted that the new Corona virus has severely affected the delivery and transportation of goods.

While Sony promised to make more hardware (PS5) than it was when the PS4 was released, the platform shipments may not be immune to issues such as the general slowdown in message speeds to consumers. United States of America.

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