YouTube blocked the picture-in-picture feature in iOS 14
YouTube blocked the picture-in-picture feature in iOS 14

It appears YouTube has made a change to block video playback when PIP is enabled, unless you pay for YouTube Premium.

Picture-in-picture is an important new feature (iOS 14) that allows you to perform other operations on iPhone while viewing videos in a small window.

This feature is very useful when you want to watch YouTube videos in Safari while chatting with friends or checking email.

When playing a video from the YouTube web version from YouTube in Safari on iPhone in full screen mode by clicking on playback controls, you should see a picture-in-picture icon in the upper left corner. From the screen.

After clicking on the icon, the video will briefly go to its own window and then return to its usual YouTube site.

If you try to return to the Home screen while watching a video in full screen mode, it will flash briefly in PIP mode and then disappear.

If the YouTube video is embedded on a third-party website, you can watch it in picture-in-picture mode.

If you have the premium version of YouTube, the picture-in-picture function works normally. However, if you are a free user, the feature will not function properly.

This wasn't the case before as the feature was working in beta (iOS 14) prior to the system's official launch this week.

If you are on an iPad, whether you have a free or paid account, the PIP mode for YouTube videos can still be used in Safari.

Currently there is a solution: Open the desktop version of YouTube in Safari so that the picture-in-picture function works normally.

For (YouTube Premium) subscribers, this feature appears to be working across the YouTube mobile website in the Safari browser, indicating that the limitation is by design and not a bug.

The background video playback function in the official YouTube app is limited to subscribers (YouTube Premium).

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