Amazon Sidewalk..New Web Site Tracking System
Amazon Sidewalk..New Web Site Tracking System

Amazon is preparing to launch an ambitious network and GPS called Amazon Sidewalk, which is a new long-range, low-bandwidth wireless system.

The system is a bit like a mesh network. If there are access points that can easily cover the entire community. The company developed a system to connect smart devices inside and outside the home.

Amazon Sidewalk uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to connect smart home devices and other Amazon products, and to enable connections outside of standard wireless networks.

Amazon Sidewalk is expected to operate at the community level, converting devices such as smart displays and home helpers into bridges, and broadcasting security updates and commands from a central wireless hub.

Using these signals, Amazon Sidewalk can not only send programs but can also determine the approximate location of a device based on triangulation based on its connection with other devices that support the system.

The system was integrated with Echo devices and Tile joined the project, becoming the first third-party platform to support the system.

Amazon plans to add the Ring Camera to the network in the future and notify the device owner directly as soon as Amazon Sidewalk becomes available.

For a complete list of compatible devices, see the project page.

Similar to a mesh network, adding more devices can expand Amazon Sidewalk's reach and functionality, and the Amazon system should integrate with more home devices as possible.

"If more neighbors participate, the network will get stronger," Amazon said. "Last year, Amazon unveiled its plans for the system."

According to the company, the system is used to make it easier to set up new devices, add more workspace to devices, and help devices stay online and update (even when outside of range of your home wireless network.).

Location tracking feature can be important to the success of the system and can distinguish it from Google's traditional wireless network system.

Amazon previously introduced Amazon Sidewalk by using a loop and collar attached to track and alert the animal if it deviates from a specific area.

Amazon has a number of privacy features designed to prevent unauthorized users from collecting data. The company is actively trying to attract external partners to participate in the project.

To demonstrate the utility of the system, Amazon worked with the American Red Cross to see if the system can be used to track the blood supply between the distribution center and the donation center.

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