Facebook promises to limit the flow of content in times of chaos
Facebook promises to limit the flow of content in times of chaos

The Financial Times reported, citing business executives on Tuesday, that in the event of chaos or violent disruptions in the November presidential election, Facebook will take strict and special measures to restrict the content of its messages. platform.

The company's director of global affairs, Nick Clegg, said in an interview with the Financial Times that he has plans to deal with a number of outcomes, including widespread unrest or political dilemmas in which political votes have been cast. Faster than rating. . Due to the coronavirus epidemic, Swiss Post played a bigger role in this election.

If there is a combination of extreme chaos and violence, Clegg said, there are certain paths we can choose from, but he did not provide details of the measures at hand.

The proposed measures are likely to outpace any previous measures in the United States as social media groups face increasing pressure. Determine how to deal with electoral disinformation and incitement to violence on election day and in the post-election period after November 3.

There are growing concerns that the President of the United States (Donald Trump) is resorting to social media platforms to question the election results or to call for violent protests that could lead to a constitutional crisis.

"We have taken active steps elsewhere in the world and we believe there is civil unrest there. Obviously, we have the tools to do that again," Clegg added. He was referring to the application of very exceptional measures in the past to severely restrict the platform. Posting content.

Facebook refused to provide any further details about its plans to control election-related content, as malicious actors could use this information to actively research how to tamper with the system.

During previous riots in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, the company took a number of steps, including restricting access to content shared by offenders and restricting distribution of controversial content that is flammable but not breaking the rules. Concerning hate speech.

Facebook is preparing to respond to a highly polarized election and some fear Trump is trying to interfere in the process. Because he refused to accept commitment to the results, he said the results might be fraudulent and tried to legalize voting by mail.

Facebook is studying how to handle about 70 potential scenarios with employees, including first-class military scenario planners.

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