Android 12 makes it easy to install apps from external stores
Android 12 makes it easy to install apps from external stores

Google announced that with the release of Android 12 next year, it will make it easier to install and use external stores.

Google will launch a new version of Android every year when Android 11 launches earlier this month.

Google has repeated its payment policy for in-app purchases of digital products, saying that Android developers who want to sell apps and games through the Google Play Store should use Google's billing system.

She added: "In light of the Corona virus epidemic, the company is giving software developers who do not adhere to this policy a grace period of one year as the deadline is September 30, 2021."

Today's ads are a direct response to the war on the "epic game" as Apple and Google generate 30% of their sales with every purchase from the App Store and Google Play.

On August 13, Epic Games updated Fortnite for Android and iOS to take advantage of its billing service and asked Apple and Google to remove the game from the App Store.

Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against the tech giant, and the lawsuit may describe how all developers, from individuals to large companies, distribute apps to mobile operating systems.

Android users can install apps through third-party stores like Samsung Galaxy Store.

Google said: In response to developer comments, Android 12 will add some features over the next year to facilitate the use of other app stores while not compromising the security measures taken by Android.

Companies that allowed users to sell virtual versions of their regular, non-digital products during the Coronavirus pandemic, complained that they would have to pay new fees for services on (iOS).

Apple has waived these fees in some cases, and Google said: These companies will no longer need to use (Google Play) bills in the near future.

Google said it recognized that the global pandemic had pushed many companies to meet the challenge of broadcasting and digitizing their physical businesses and communicating with customers in new ways.

She added, "These companies are not required to adhere to our payment policies for the next 12 months, and we will continue to reassess the situation over the next year."

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