New Google Chromecast hitting stores before it is announced
New Google Chromecast hitting stores before it is announced

The (Google Pixel 5) event is scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday), but other new Google products have made it to store shelves, including the brand new device (Google Chromecast).

Over the past week, some shoppers have been able to purchase new equipment that has not been directly announced in stores (such as Walmart).

Entering generic product code on the receipt from the retailer's website won't yield any results. So it appears that you can only buy in person at the moment.

The purchase receipt does not indicate the existence of the device (Google Chromecast). However, the new device is described as a "SABRINA" product, which is the codename of the device, and the device (Google Chromecast) was announced before the specified date of sale.

There have been many leaks in the past regarding the new streaming device, including the new elliptical design and the first Google remote control for Chromecast devices.

Due to early sales, we received more information than usual prior to the release.

Here are some key points:

  • The device is priced at $ 49.99.
  • As mentioned in a previous leak, the codename is "Sabrina." Because it is printed on the receipt itself.
  • The color is white which is what Google calls "snow".
  • It can be used with a modified version of (Android TV) (Google TV). However, this name should not be confused with the defunct Google Smart TV platform, which actually has the same name and was first released 10 years ago.
  • The remote control uses two AAA batteries, so it cannot be charged.
  • In addition to 4K support, (Dolby Atmos), (Dolby Vision), (DTSX) and (HDR10 +) are also supported.
  • There is 2 GB of RAM and 4,154 MB of storage space.
  • The device itself uses a (USB-C) connection, but it is not clear if the connection supports other protocols (such as Ethernet) or device input (such as a mouse or keyboard).
  • Even though the remote control has volume buttons, it sends a signal to the TV via (CEC) that uses (HDMI) signals to interact with the TV, and there is no (IR) transmitter in the remote control. .

At the Google Pixel 5 event, Google plans to announce the use of the new Google Chromecast with other new devices (including Nest smart home speakers).

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