Apple is again worried by European taxes
Apple is again worried by European taxes

Just as Apple said Friday that Apple has always complied with Irish tax laws, European taxation is back to business with Apple again.

Apple said the problem that raised € 13 billion in Europe was related to where the tax was paid, not the amount.

Before the European Commission announced that it would make the aforementioned comments: The European Commission will appeal the court’s decision to reject the tax order.

In a statement, Apple said: In July, the court categorically rejected the committee's case, and the facts have not changed since then. This has nothing to do with the taxes that we have to pay, it has to do with the taxes that we have to pay.

"We will look into the commission's appeal, but that will not change the facts the court has found that show that we still abide by the law in Ireland," she added.

European Union antitrust chief Margaret Westager on Friday ruled in court to deny her order by Apple (the iPhone maker) to pay back arrears of 13 billion euros ($ 15 billion) in Ireland. The tax complaint is a historical case of contradiction by the European. Commission for tax transactions. .

In July, a Luxembourg court overturned the Commission's 2016 decision, stating that EU competition authorities did not meet the legal standards required to prove that Apple had an unfair advantage.

Westager said the European tax case against Apple is very important and shows that the company's efforts to persuade multinationals to pay their taxes they owe are continuing.

In a statement, she said: The court’s decision raises important legal issues related to the commission’s implementation of the rules for state assistance in tax planning cases, and the commission believes that the court made legal errors in its decision with respect.

Westager said the legislation was needed to close tax loopholes and ensure transparency by asking European Union countries to change the rules.

Irish Treasury Secretary Pascal Donohue said Ireland had always been clear about the correct Irish tax to be paid and that the country had not provided support from the Apple government.

The commission case centered on two Irish tax judgments that had artificially reduced Apple's tax burden for more than two decades.

Vestager is working on three tax issues: the IKEA and Nike agreements with the Netherlands and the Huhtamaki agreement with Luxembourg.

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