The Facebook events service gets an exemption from Apple
The Facebook events service gets an exemption from Apple

Facebook Events Service received an exception from Apple. Facebook has stated that companies that run paid events online through their app (iOS) will not have to pay Apple 30% for the rest of 2020.

The social media company said it would end the real-time confrontation between the two tech giants. Except for game makers, all companies can waive Apple fees and process payments for online activities that they manage through Facebook Pay.

Facebook spokesperson Joe Osborne said, "Apple has agreed to post a notice within three months. After that, ailing Apple will have to pay a full 30% app store tax."

Facebook said: In light of the coronavirus pandemic that has shut down the company, it will not charge its own fees for online activities until at least August 2021.

Apple said Friday: These online activities are still subject to in-app payment rules, which charge 15% to 30% of the purchase price for paid online activities.

Apple said: It gave companies affected by the outbreak more time to implement the system, and Facebook granted the same waiver until the end of the year that it granted to other companies such as (ClassPass) and (Airbnb).

Apple added that game makers will not be exempt from this. Since it started service in early 2018, the company hasn't really been affected by the pandemic.

Apple said in a statement that Apple has clear and consistent guidelines that apply to everyone.

Facebook violated Apple's rules last month when an attempt was made to inform users that the iPhone maker will pay for the new Facebook Events feature in the app update. After that, the post has been deleted. ”Apple refused the update.

The world's largest social media company has described the move as a defense against small businesses and app developers, and has joined with other developers such as Epic Games who are suing Apple over antitrust fees. .

Facebook and Apple also don't agree with the new iPhone privacy policy, which requires more notifications to track users between apps.

The social media giant said: With Apple's decision to impose fees, there is an opportunity to prevent game makers from using online payments (iOS) to use activities (Facebook Pay).

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