Apple is committed to freedom of media and expression in the new human rights policy
Apple is committed to freedom of media and expression in the new human rights policy

In its human rights policy document, Apple said it defends freedom of the media and freedom of expression. This development appears to be due to increased pressure from shareholders.

The US tech giant has come under fire for removing VPN apps from Chinese app stores. At a public meeting in February, the shareholder suggested asking Apple to make a public pledge that "respecting freedom of expression is a human right."

Experts say: Those who pledged to respect freedom of expression were rejected and received 40.6% of the vote, but this percentage is much higher than similar proposals and is sufficient to force the company to respond.

Apple said in its policy document, "We believe in the delicate importance of an open and free flow of the information society, and we firmly believe that this is the best way to continue to promote openness even if we can." Failure to comply with national law means continuing to participate. “This policy is based on the UN Business and Human Rights Guidelines.

Human rights activists also urged Apple to stay in touch with vendors suspected of using the forced labor of thousands of Uyghurs in factories in China and were criticized for removing an app that helped protesters in Hong Kong move. To follow the police.

Apple claimed that the app was used to attack individual police officers, and attack people and property, in violation of Hong Kong law.

On the other hand, Broadcom (Broadcom), a subsidiary of Apple, provides Apple components for its devices. The company said Thursday that the year-on-year increase in chip shipments is still this year, which likely indicates that the next generation iPhone will reach the market at a later time. The usual release date is the end of September.

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