Twitter lets you download your data and see what hackers can get
Twitter lets you download your data and see what hackers can get

If you are concerned about the type of data stored on the Twitter platform while using the platform, and the data that these hackers can steal in the big bitcoin scam, you can now find it due to the platform Twitter has that has reactivated the download archive functions (your Twitter data). This feature has been locked for about two months to prevent hackers from hacking.

To access the data on the Twitter platform, go to settings, select an account, and then select Twitter data. The next screen will appear where you need to enter a password to start the transfer, if you are using a mobile app, it can move it to a mobile website.

In our experience, archiving the file might take a while: we pressed the button an hour ago but were still waiting for the notification in the app to be able to download the archive.

The platform has good reasons to turn off the feature, including not just President Barack Obama, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. Other high-profile accounts can be accessed for major bitcoin scams, and hackers can access some (your) archives as well. Twitter) can steal private messages and other personal data from a group of users.

So far, three people have been charged with widespread piracy attacks, including a teenager from Florida. Authorities believe (the mastermind) was behind the operation, but the FBI is still searching for other suspects and suspects another 16-year-old boy. From Massachusetts.

It should be noted that the Twitter platform has added powerful tweets and short descriptions of some popular topics to their service to help people understand the causes of their spread. In a blog post, the company said, `` It is about to add powerful Tweets on some general topics in its Android and iOS apps. These tweets will soon be published on the Twitter network platform. The company said: These descriptions will be released in the coming weeks.

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