Apple is investing in the world's largest onshore wind turbines
Apple is investing in the world's largest onshore wind turbines

Apple is investing in building two large onshore wind turbines in Denmark. When completed, it will become one of the largest onshore wind turbines in the world to support its efforts to become completely climate neutral by 2030.

In a blog, the company announced that power generated by turbines in Denmark will support Apple's data center in Vyborg, which covers an area of ​​45,000 square meters and is about 140 kilometers from Esbjerg.

The Viborg data center supports major Apple products such as (App Store), (Apple Music), (iMessage) and (Siri) as well as other fully functional services in Europe that use renewable energy from local projects.

The wind turbines will be built near the city of Esbjerg, and each wind turbine will be less than 200 meters high.

The company added that the surplus energy is used in the Danish electricity grid. The turbines can generate about 62 gigawatt hours of clean energy annually and supply 20,000 homes with electricity.

The tech giant announced in July that it had expanded its goal of complete carbon neutrality by 2030 to include manufacturing and supply chains.

To achieve this goal, according to Apple, the company has switched all European suppliers to renewable energies.

The company announced this week that Germany's Varta has pledged to control Apple's entire production using renewable energy.

Other suppliers in Europe have made similar developments, including Germany's Henkel and Tesa, DSM Engineering Materials, Swiss STMicroelectronics and Belgian Solvay.

To date, Apple added, 72 manufacturing partners have committed to using entirely renewable energy to manufacture Apple products.

Commitment to fighting climate change is in Apple's best interest. The company said in 2019: Bad weather due to global warming could affect my production time, availability of parts or finished products, availability of data centers, or productivity or troop productivity. Heal him.

Partial delays could mean that Apple may not be able to ship in time, which could affect the company's revenue.

"We must take this step for our planet and future generations," Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of environmental, political and social programs, said in a statement.

The Esbjerg project was developed after the completion of the Danish solar project in Thisted, Denmark. Apple and European Energy Company developed the projects together.

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